Libby Bentham

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I am originally from the UK and lived for many years in London. I really loved the buzz and the diversity of being in such a vibrant city. Whilst I was there, I worked in a number of schools and also in residential services for homeless young people.

Before moving to Hong Kong, I worked with parents and students at an international school in Tanzania. It was a very interesting experience and I particularly enjoyed seeing animals in the wild but it was sometimes challenging living in a third world country. I am very happy living in Hong Kong now – busy city life combined with the beauty and peace of the mountains – a perfect combination!

I believe I am very approachable and a naturally caring, empathic and intuitive person. I am passionate about helping people through obstacles that may be blocking their sense of self-worth and the realisation of their full potential. Over the years, I have supported people struggling with a variety of issues. I know from personal experience what courage it takes to approach a therapist for help and I always find it a great honour and privilege to be trusted by those who share their inner world with me. I have always been drawn to working with teens going through emotional battles because I had a hard time at that age and also found school life challenging at times.

The foundation of my approach to counselling is ‘Person Centred’ which means I primarily want to build a good relationship where people don’t feel judged, but feel accepted, understood and able to be real. I am flexible and try to work in different ways depending on what is most useful for each individual – for instance, non-directive (facilitating clients to find their own solutions to problems) or directive (taking the lead in sessions, and often proposing strategies and techniques for clients to try).

I look forward meeting any of you who need someone to talk to.