Shirralee Sisson

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I am originally from the UK but have spent a long time living in Europe, Asia and Australia. I am aware of the challenges that moving countries can present and the impact that it can have on your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. I am new to Hong Kong but have visited on holiday a number of times over the years. I am looking forward to settling in and being part of Island School.

I have worked at an International School in Malaysia in the past and one of my children has completed the IB Diploma so I am aware of the challenges and benefits of IB and international schools. Over the years, I have worked with different groups, ages, cultures and presenting issues in a number of different countries.

We are all ‘unique’ individuals and therefore issues/difficulties affect us all in different ways. And we all have varied ways of coping.

Counselling is about enabling you to develop strategies/skills to reach solutions that work for you as we are all individual and therefore different things work for different people at different times of our lives.

It’s another avenue for support or guidance other than family, friends or teachers, someone who is not directly involved in the problem.

I am based at the school full-time and will be introducing myself to all year groups over the next few weeks.  My office is located in room 424 so please feel free to call by and I will keep the door open when available or can be contacted via email.