Doris Leung School Social Worker

Introduction of School Social Worker

Hello! I am Doris Leung, your new School Social Worker. I grew up and have lived in Hong Kong since birth. I love hiking, doing exercises, trips and watching films and dramas as I am an outgoing person. Also, I like meeting friends as I like sharing and gaining experience from others. Besides, it is a good way to release stress when I share with my friends.

I do not think I was a genius or hard-working student when I was young, but I do think I was the one who dared to try many things. My reason of studying Social Work is I wish I could share care and love to others as well as assist them to find their dreams, life goals and strengths. I am lucky that I can do a job that I can fulfill my dreams. I had been working at an Integrated Children and Youth Services Centre for more than ten years. It was a good experience for me to work with youth and understand what they need in their developmental period.

Furthermore, I have worked with parents and let them know how to live with teenagers in harmony. I have also taught them to understand the needs and how to communicate with teenagers. I believed that “family” has a great influence of a personal growth. Sometimes, teenage issue is only the presenting problem. When we are curious to know more about a “whole person”, we might find out more than we thought and understand the teenagers more. I believe that everyone has their choices and abilities to make changes of their life.

I can speak Cantonese, English as well as Mandarin. You can reach me on Mondays and Thursdays. You are welcome to find me if you want to find someone who shares your feelings and gets the support right here. “Relax, you are not alone”.